General Information

In order to insure that you’re fully prepared for this amazing event, please take note of the following information. If you need something you can’t find here, feel free to contact us.

Participation Requirements

Both boys and men must contact their district or fellowship and register with them to attend Camporama (in addition to registering online). All boys attending must be under the supervision of a registered adult camper.

Boy Qualifications

All boys (ages 9-17) attending Camporama must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be at least 9 years of age on or before July 17, 2016. Exceptions to this rule cannot be granted.
  • Complete the online registration process (or register by mail) and submit a personal medical form.

Any boy who reaches 18 years of age by July 22nd must register as an adult (see below).


Adult Qualifications

All men (18 yrs of age & older) attending Camporama must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be approved by your pastor.
  • Complete the online registration process (or register by mail) and submit a personal medical form.

Note: All registered campers must be of the male gender (with the exception of registered international female Royal Rangers). Otherwise, females may attend as visitors during the regular visitor hours (see Camp Schedule). All visitors may attend the Thursday evening service.

Meals & Snacks

Camporama registration includes all meals, beginning with dinner on Sunday July, 17 and concluding with breakfast on Friday, July 22. (Contact us if you need details on the menu being served). Snack bars will be open during designated times for use by visitors and campers.


Please note that food service at Camporama will not be able to meet specific dietary needs (allergies, vegetarian, etc.). If you have specific dietary needs, you must plan on meeting this need on your own. Peanuts and peanut oil will not be used in any prepared meals served at Camporama. However, some food products may have been produced in a factory where nuts and peanuts are used.

Health & Medical Issues

All prescriptions must be registered with the Camp Hospital upon check-in. Some medications may be required to be kept at the hospital while others may be kept by the camper’s leader or parent in the campsites, depending on the medication or situation involved.

Please note that Camporama is an outdoor, camping-style event conducted over a large area. Trails and roads are not paved, and only limited transportation will be available between areas of activity. Campers should, therefore, be prepared to walk considerable distances to fully participate in all events and activities.

Handicap Access

Handicap access is currently very limited at Camp Eagle Rock. Roads and trails are not paved, and buildings and restrooms may not accommodate wheelchair access.


Emergency Contacts

Limited telephone service will be available at the camp. Due to the mountainous terrain, cell phone coverage is generally weak. Detailed emergency contact numbers may be found in the Camporama Leader Guide.


Dress Code

Typical summer weather shorts, camp t-shirts, etc. are the norm. Muscle shirts (sleeveless) are acceptable for men and boys to wear. Bathing suits must be modest for the camp setting (no Speedo’s please). Sturdy walking shoes are strongly recommended. Artwork or logos on shirts and shorts must be consistent with a Christian environment.

Female visitors to camp are asked to dress modestly during their visit to Camp Eagle Rock.


Utility or dress uniforms are not needed at Camporama. All campers will receive camp t-shirts for use at assemblies and when taking group photos.

Visitors & Non-Campers

Visitors are welcome at Camporama during designated visiting hours. Although no fees are required for visiting the camp, all visitors are required to check in with security upon arrival. Non-campers, such as bus drivers, are welcome to visit the camp but no overnight housing will be available. The nearest hotels and lodging can be found in Cassville, MO.

Arrival & Departure Times

The camp gate will open at 1:00 PM on Sunday, July 17th.  No campers will be admitted to the camp before that time.  The event will conclude on Friday, July 22nd.  All campers are asked to make plans to leave the camp no later than 2:00 PM.