Information for Volunteers

Volunteers play an essential role in making National Camporama a great success. We rely heavily on the willingness of outpost leaders to volunteer to help in a variety of ways. Volunteers are need to fill both part-time and full-time roles

Full Time Volunteers

Full-time volunteers are typically those who have special skills such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical, medical, and security. These individuals often devote days or weeks, before, during, or after the event to make it a success. Due to their work schedules, full-time volunteers typically spend very little time with their outposts during this event and therefore cannot fulfill major responsibilities there.

Those interested in volunteering full time should visit our Volunteer Survey page. We will use the information from the survey to assign volunteers to areas of service that match their skill sets.

Part-time Volunteers

Adult leaders who come as part of an outpost (and are responsible for the care of the boys from the outpost) are asked to volunteer for at least (2) four-hour periods, some time between Sunday, July 17th and Friday, July 22nd. Volunteer assignments may include a variety of tasks, such as assisting to run an activity, helping with food distribution at the food pavilions, helping in the snack bars, or other duties.

Once your outpost has completed the on-site check-in process, you’re leaders will be asked to visit the volunteer check-in station to sign up for volunteer assignments. Outposts that only bring two leaders will not be expected to volunteer their services due to the necessity of providing adequate “two-deep leadership” with their boys.

When an individual has completed their assignments they are eligible to receive special volunteer items such as patches, T-shirts, or hats in appreciation of their service.

Meals for Volunteers

  • Volunteer Meal Order Form – RR (Word & PDF)
  • Volunteer Meal Order Form – Non-RR (Word & PDF)