Registration is now open.  Please see the fees listed below.  Additional fees may be required by your district to cover expenses associated with Camporama for which the district is responsible. Some districts may offer optional group transportation to and from the event. Please contact your district for details. If you are unsure about your district contact information, please contact us at

IMPORTANT: Please take note of the Participation Requirements on the Outpost Leaders Information page before submitting your registration information.

IMPORTANT: The authorized group leader can being the church affidavit process by clicking the button below after completing online registration.

INTERNATIONAL GUESTS: Please contact Beth Kinney for your church affidavit form. Your process will be a notarized hard copy form.

               Start Affidavit

Registration Fees

The following registration fees are required for National Camporama. All chartered Royal Rangers outposts receive the discounted price. All others pay the regular price.  Registration closes June 15, 2022, at 11:59 pm CST, and no registrations will be accepted after that date. Pricing deadlines based on central time zone.

  • Carryover 2016 Pricing (until October 31, 2019) - $295 (discount) or $348 (regular)
  • Carryover 2020 Pricing (November 1-30, 2021) - $315 (discount) or $375 (regular)
  • Early Bird Price (December 1, 2021 - March 31, 2022) -$345 (discount) or $405 (regular)
  • Pre-Event Price (April 1, 2022 - May 16, 2022) -$395 (discount) or $455 (regular)
  • Event Price (May 17, 2022 - June 15, 2022) -$455 (discount) or $525 (regular)

Registration Process

1. Select an “authorized group leader.” Work with your church leadership to identify the individual who will represent your church at this event. This “authorized group leader” must be approved for this role by your church Board of Directors.

2. Download the registration forms from this website. On the main menu, select “details” and then “downloads” to reach the downloads page. Download the following forms:

  • Adult Assumption of Risk form
  • Parental Consent for Minors
  • Information Worksheet

3. Distribute & collect Assumption of RiskParental Consent, and Information Worksheet forms for your outpost.

  • Provide copies of the Assumption of Risk form and Information Worksheet to all adults (ages 18 & older) attending this event. Collect these forms, with all required signatures, once complete.
  • Provide copies of the Parental Consent form and Information Worksheet to all parents of boys (under 18 yrs of age) attending this event. Collect these forms, with all required signatures, once complete.
  • Send copies of all adult Assumption of Risk forms and boy Parental Consent forms by mail, fax, or email to the following address. These forms must be received for each camper before your group may enter the camp:
    • National Royal Rangers Ministries, 1445 N. Boonville Avenue, Springfield, MO 65802
    • Email: - or - Fax: 417-831-8230
  • Place all adult Assumption of Risk forms and Parental Consent forms in a binder or folder and keep in a secure location. Bring these forms with you while traveling to and from this event and keep them secure but available for reference as needed during the event.

4. Register your boys & leaders to attend Camporama using the information you collected via the Information Worksheets. Do not send the information worksheets to AG Convention Services or the Royal Rangers national office. Go online to to register each individual (boys & adults) attending this event from your church. Full registration fees must be paid by credit card at the time of registration. (If you encounter any difficulty during the registration process, or have any questions specific to the Brushfire online registration system, please email for assistance.) You will receive a confirmation email for your group with a QR code. Bring a printed copy of this email to Camporama to expedite the check-in process. Please note that is anyone from your church registers for Camporama separate from the group, they will receive a separate QR code, which will be needed for check-in as well.

5. Submit information online for the Event Participation Affidavit for Churches (see link below). An Event Participation Affidavit must be submitted for each church represented at this event. Go to the registration page of the National Camporama website, click on the "Start Affidavit" button, and enter the requested information. This form will require:

  • Name and email of an "authorized signer," a legal representative of the church, which is usually the pastor.
  • Name, date of birth, email, and phone number of the “authorized group leader” – the individual selected to represent the church at this event and receive all communications concerning the group’s participation in the event (see #1 above)
  • Name and email of a second person at the church who will maintain the records and completed forms.
  • You will need to select your district and enter your outpost number.
  • The authorized group leader may be the pastor.

An electronic affidavit will be created with the information you have entered and distributed to the legal representatives you have identified (c & d above) for digital signatures via the DocuSign electronic signature system. Your group registration is not complete until your legal representatives have digitally signed the affidavit. A completed affidavit is required in order for your group to participate in Camporama.

6. Review & confirm your registration list. Once registration has closed, a few weeks before the event, a list of all registered attendees from your church will be sent by email to the authorized group leader to confirm that all information is correct. Any corrections or changes must be made before your group will be admitted to the event. If all information on the list is correct, no response is needed. You will confirm the list onsite as well.

Church Affidavit

Click the button at the top of the page to begin the church affidavit process.

Refunds & Substitutions

Campers who are unable to attend Camporama may request a partial refund of fees paid. Requests must be submitted in writing to Convention Services Group (

  • Requests received more than 90 days before the beginning of camp will refunded in full less a $25 fee.
  • Requests received from 90 to 30 days will be refunded less a $75 fee.
  • Requests received within 30 days of the camp or onsite* will be refunded less a $150 fee.
    • *Onsite cancellation would require a leader from the group speaking directly with a Convention Services representative during the onsite event registration process and providing all relevant information for the cancellation request.
  • No refunds will be issued for requests received after the event is in progress (Monday, July 11, 2022, at 5:00 pm, CST).

In situations where a registered camper is unable to attend, an alternate camper may be substituted in his place provided the alternate meets the participant qualifications. A substitution request must be submitted in writing to and include the name of the person being replaced and the name and details for the person being substituted.

Refunds on fees charged by districts are decided by each district.

To request your refund, please see the instructions below.

  1. If you or your group registered online with a credit/debit card less than 60 days prior to the refund request, your refund will go back on the card you used.
  2. If you or your group registered more than 60 days prior the refund request, you will receive the refund via check.
  3. To request a refund, please send an email to and copy All requests must be made in writing.
  4. Whether you are making a request for your individual family member, for an individual from your group registration, or for or an entire church group, your refund request must include the following information:
    • Is the registration for an individual or group?
    • If this is part of a church group registration, paid through the church, and you need one or more individual refunded, please have your church make the request for the refund.
    • Who is the refund for (list all names for the refund)?
    • Who is the check payable to—individual or church? (If the church in making a request for an individual registration from a group payment, they can have it made out to the individual or church.)
    • Where does the check need to be mailed? (If the church in making a request for an individual registration from a group payment, they can have it sent to the individual or the church.)
  5. Please note that your refund could take up to 4 weeks to process.

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