The resources are provided to assist you in preparing for National Camporama. Downloadable documents are provided in PDF format and require a PDF reader to view and print. Images are compressed into a ZIP file to minimize download time. Additional resources will be added here as needed.

Everything you wanted to know about Camporama
Use this video to promote Camporama among your boys and parents.
Provides a step-by-step process for outposts getting ready for Camporama.
This handout can be sent home with boys.
Start here to see an overview of the process to get your group registered for Camporama.
Use this to gather the necessary data to complete the online registration for Camporama.
Each leader needs to complete this and return to their church.
Complete for each boy and return to church's authorized leader for this event to retain during the entire event.
This flyer is for any leader or boy.
This provides and overview and schedule of the shooting sports events at Camporama.
See the rules and procedures for the Archery competition.
Click here to view the rules and procedures for the air rifle competition.
See the rules and procedures for the BB Gun competition.
See the rules and procedures for the Black Powder competition.
Click here to complete the individual registration for any of the competitions.
Click here to complete the BB Gun team registration.
Great ideas for saving & fundraising for Camporama or BGMC.
Follow this info to insure you don't get "misdirected" on your way to camp.
Special pricing for Camporama attendees.
This is the Camporama menu for all meals served.
This is the menu for the snack bars. Some items will only be available at the main snack bar near JB Lodge.

Registration is now open. Special pricing is available to all chartered Royal Rangers groups. Details and fees can be found on the registration page.

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